Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Metro TV Live Streaming

Nonton Metro TV Online cepat dan tanpa buffer berita Indonesia hari ini Metro tv live streaming Mata Najwa
Metro TV Live Streaming - Suppose, there are programs that smells entertainment on Metro TV news, it seems not to be released from the format to be informative, and not inclined to mere entertainment. For example there is a talk show called "e-Lifestyle" and the satirical news with the monolog called "Standing Comedy", which could be a nice program replaces the trade mark of Metro TV news that once triumphed with the news-entertainment-style satire on the Republic of dreams. Moreover, as an alternative of the show is still airing as democrazy. here this kompas tv streaming

As for some variety show Show Metro TV news that still smelled of news categories which are as follows.

    Chat Club is programming that involves characters talk show socialite.

    Oasis: news regarding socio-cultural programming in the community.

    Expedition. Travel program alias stroll around the country / world looking for interesting things to observe.

    Democrazy. Comedy news programs talk show parodying the world parliament, is also a parody of the behavior of the political parties and representatives in the parliament.

    Archipelago: a news documentary program, tells the story of Indonesian documentation.

    Mario Teguh Golden Ways is a motivation program that involves a weekly best motivator in Indonesia, Mario.

    Kick Andy, a talk show program on various social issues unique and evocative emotions are guided by senior journalist Andy F. Noya every Friday. The program is somewhat mimic Oprah Winfrey.

    Metro TV infomercial. Program block infomercials that aired every weekend.

    Metro Highlights is a flagship program of deep coverage of divisions Metro TV news, about the problems on the spot in the middle of ongoing reports, and still warm underway.

    Metro This Week is a news program on Metro TV news every week, in an effort to provide conclusions on the ongoing reporting.

    Breaking News is a news program on Metro TV news broadcast live after something big, important, events that break is happening in the field.

    Headline News is a news program on Metro TV news short that every hour as a resume airing news from time to time.

    Indonesia Now is an English language news from Metro TV news program that explores various important events of concern to the community, both across the world and locally.

    Top Nine News Weekend. Top news every week selected by the editorial team of Metro TV news to give about anything for a week to the attention of the audience.

    Menu and Venue is the culinary program, show cooking typical of Metro TV news.

    e-Lifestyle is a talk show reviews about the world of communications, the Internet, social media lifestyle, and so on.

From the above explanation, it is clear, on Metro TV news show presenting no-show pure entertainment. Every show should be charged news.



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